Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm sure that every dancer you talk to will say she has always wanted to be in the famous ballet called Swan Lake! Swan Lake in my opinion is perfection! It's a perfect mixture of emotion and technique. Also there are so many more famous ballets like The Nutcracker which I talked about in one of my other posts. 

Also, A Midsummer's Night Dream which is a Shakespeare classic! It is a ballet that almost everyone will enjoy! 

Many others like, Coppelia was composed by Delibes and was choreographed by Arthur Saint-Leon. It is a light hearted tale  about realism and idealism. 

Peter Pan is also an amazing ballet preformed all over the U.S.A. that the whole family can enjoy. This piece is new to the dance world because there is no right or wrong way to preform it.

Sleeping Beauty is also very popular in the dance world. Sleeping Beauty is as you all probably know about love between two lovers who could never be. Through the whole dance they find their way to each other. Sorry to all you who haven't seen the movie for that spoiler.

Last but not least Cinderella. The most perfect preformance in the whole world! It shows how you can do anything you want to if you just set your mind to it. 

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Friday, December 13, 2013

If any of you girls/guys can' get your splits here are some easy tips to help you out with them. 

1. Take a shower.
This may seem weird but it relaxes your muscles. If you  stretch after a hot shower you see that you can go farther. 

2. Do jumping jacks.
Or do any physical activity. You do this because it warms up your body and gets you prepared. 

3. Stretch out your quads. 
When you are in the splits you're mainly stretching you quads. 

4. Stretch at night.
This will stretch you out more than in the morning because your muscles are all tight when you get out of bed because you sleep in the same position. 

5. Wear something on your feet.
This will help your feet slide out farther. 

6. Do more than one every week. 
If you do things over and over they will become easier over time. 

7. It's ok to take breaks!
If you go on vacation don't stretch for that week and just relax. 

8. Over-splits
Try doing this but it is very hard and it hurts very bad but it will help.

9. Stretch with a friend
Stretch someone out before dance so you have a reason to ask them and not being rude. 
I hope these tips help! Good luck everyone! 
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Hey everyone! 
Today I am going to talk about how to do a fouette in six easy steps!

1. Start by holding the bar in fifth or fourth position.

2. Extend your leg straight out in front of you and plie

3. Swing your leg to the right in passe. As soon as it gets to passe turn to passe. (you can use your momentum to get around as you turn)

4. As you practice and get better try it without the bar. (usually its a little easier to start in fourth)

5. Do a pirouette and while you are still going extend your leg and plie. You may need to do it many times.

6. Keep trying and never give up!! 

Good luck on your fouettes!! 

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey everyone!
If you would like to improve your turns I've got some tips that might help. Always.. always spot! I'm sure that if you are falling when you try a turn its because you aren't spotting. Just find something big or bright to just keep your focus on while you turn. When your body goes around your head is the last thing to go. When it goes you snap it back to the spot and you should be good to go! If you are having troubles with the harder turns like fouettes once again you spot the front or what ever way you're turning. Spotting reduces on dizziness also and if you haven't spotted before then you know about these dizzy spells. 
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today I'm going to talk about the performance of 'The Nutcracker', my dance studio has put on this performance for the past 6 years! We do an all jazzed up version. There are many different types of 'The Nutcracker'  everyone does it a little different. There is no wrong way to do anything. In dance you can fall hard and if you make it look graceful you're fine! Hahaha it happens to me a lot! Even the best dancers mess up! Keep your head up and just act like you're the best dancer in the room! :) Have a great day!
Comment what you think about my blog!! It would really help me out on what you would like to hear! Or if you have any questions about dance just comment! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hey Guys!!
For very demanding roles in its not unusual for some dancers to go trough multiple pairs of pointe shoes in one night! That's crazy! I go through pointe shoes in like a month sometimes like two or even three months! But it makes a ton of sense because they are amazing dancers! Pointe shoes can cost as much as $110!!